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ASPCA turns 146!

Apr 11, 2012 | Arizona Pet Health

When you start to think your old, or just feeling old, just think how old you will feel when your 146. Now you can imagine how the ASPCA feels now that they are 146 years old. As the oldest humane organization in the western hemisphere the amount of good they have done for animals is simply amazing.

Starting in civil war ear New York with their founder Henry Bergh when he first spoke up for animals, he worked to get New York State Legislature to pass a charter incorporating the ASPCA on April 10th, 1866. Nine short days after the incorporation, the first anti-cruelty law was passed and, with a team of three, the ASPCA began working to enforce it. By 1888 37 of the 38 states in the Union had passed anti-cruelty laws, due in no small part to SPCAs around the nation.

Everyday the ASPCA is dedicated to helping fight animal cruelty. How would you like to donate your birthday to help their cause? It’s easy. Just set up your own special ASPCA birthday page and watch as your family and friends donate critical funds to animals in your honor.

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