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AZPetVet attends the St. Vincent de Paul Health Wellness & Sustainability Event

Jul 11, 2022 | Giving Back

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In May, members of the AZPetVet business office attend the St. Vincent de Paul Health Wellness and Sustainability Passport event. At our Healthy Pet Station, Daniel and Coleen were able to hand out a few giveaways, such as dog treats, tennis balls, and frisbees, while informing attendees about our medical services, locations, and payment plans. It is always rewarding when we are able to engage with our community outside the walls of our hospitals. We were honored to be invited to this event alongside The Arizona Coyotes, Arizona Town Hall, Jennings Strouss, Herberg Theater Center, and Sprouts Farmers Market. We look forward to our continued partnership with St. Vincent de Paul and supporting the Health, Wellness, & Sustainability Program!

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