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We’re so thrilled that you’ve chosen to become a veterinarian! We know how exciting it is to be so close to achieving your goals and we’re here to help you get there! While your professors can teach you the knowledge you need to succeed, there is nothing quite like hands-on experience outside of the classroom. AZPetVet provides students a chance to work alongside our experienced doctors and learn by seeing real-world cases in a hospital setting.
1st And 2nd Year Students

1st & 2nd Year Students

For students just beginning their veterinary journey, the Summer Student Immersion Program provides students with a peek behind the curtain of a small animal general practice. This 4-week program runs during June and July of your first two years of veterinary school. A structured guide is provided to allow for direction, but also flexibility to tailor to you and the cases presented to your clinic. You will learn more about typical caseloads, surgery, and medicine, and further develop your technical skills and client communication all before your clinical year.

Bonus – it’s a paid position!

And if you enjoy your time in our clinic so much that you don’t want to leave after four weeks, you don’t have to. It is an easy transition into a seasonal or part-time position allowing you to continue as a paid and trained veterinary technician.

I learned an incredible amount during my time at Roadrunner. I have only ever worked at one other hospital so being exposed to a new work style and different doctors was a great experience. I was exposed to such a wide variety of cases during my time at Roadrunner and the doctors all made sure to include me in cases that were unique. One of the best things about this experience at Roadrunner was the staff. I loved working with every single person at the hospital and everyone could not have been nicer. I can’t forget to mention Dr. Evans teaching me “IT SWIVELS!”
~ C.R.

I really enjoyed the hands-on experience that I received as well as the mentorship from several of the doctors. The hands on in surgery (scrubbing in to assist) helped apply what I learned in my anatomy courses, and really helped solidify the information in my head. I also really appreciated that the doctors were so open to answering all my hundreds of questions, and even appreciated my suggestions for things since I have a lot of experience as a technician.
~ N.R.

3rd and 4th Year Students

You’re in the home stretch! Kick it into the next gear with an externship at AZPetVet. We invite student externs at each of our 22 locations across the valley, and the externship runs for 2 weeks (or more!). You’ll spend time with our experienced doctors in a hands-on environment learning more about typical caseloads, medicine, surgery, and further developing your technical skills. You will also have the opportunity to develop and refine your client communication skills as well. There is nothing quite as rewarding as developing the next generation of veterinarians, and we’re here for you as you cross the finish line!

If you’re interested in an externship with us but aren’t sure if AZPetVet is set up with your school program, let us know and we’d be happy to work with your program director to get everything arranged!

3rd 4th Year Students

I really enjoyed everyone’s positive attitude and willingness to help me learn. Another thing that I really enjoyed about this externship, is the fact that there are many doctors on staff. I was able to shadow most of the doctors and learned how each individual practiced veterinary medicine. I definitely learned a lot during this externship and the staff treated me with respect. I highly recommend students to rotate at this location!
~ K.B.

Dr. Berthiaume and Dr. Casler were amazing mentors and always made sure that I was involved in the cases. They allowed me to help with procedures and I appreciated that experience very much. Being able to observe them with clients was also a great learning experience.
~ L.D.


DVM Student FAQ’s:

What does the interview process look like?
We know your school schedule is busy and it’s important to us that we remain adaptable and flexible – it’s part of our core values! First and foremost, we remain committed to ensuring that connecting with you is easy and relaxed. Regardless of whether we connect via video-chat or in-person, the interview provides you the opportunity to meet members of our leadership and hospital teams. If travelling is required, we offer an all-expenses paid interview and will fly you out to Phoenix based on your availability.

When can I/should I contact you?
You are encouraged to apply now! With the ongoing growth in the Phoenix metro area combined with our continued growth as an organization with 22 locations, we have multiple positions available. We hire throughout the year, and are currently interviewing and hiring the next class of graduates! There is no need to wait until you take the NAVLE (or receive your results) to interview with us.

If you are interested in finding out more, simply fill out the form in the section below or contact our team at