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Chihuahua Adoption Weekend – Free!

Oct 3, 2014 | Arizona Pet Health, Pet Features


The Arizona Humane Society has announced that this weekend, October 4th and 5th, they are hosting a “Ay Chihuahua” adoption event. Thanks to a very generous benefactor, the adoption fees for Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes will be waived for these two dates only. In addition, they will also include a free microchip! According to the Arizona Humane Society, “Chihuahuas are one of top breeds to enter Valley shelters each year and currently, nearly half of the dogs available at AHS’ adoption locations are Chihuahuas.”

Chihuahua’s make excellent companions in the right household. They range in height from 6-12 inches tall, and typically weigh less than 6-lbs. As a breed, Chihuahua’s tend to be extremely protective and loyal to their owner, especially around other humans. Because of this, Chihuahuas are primarily suitable for homes that maintain a calm environment…often homes without small children, as to avoid provocation. They love to create their own sense of space, often burrowing in linens, clothes, pillows, and so on. They perceive a sense of safety and comfort underneath blankets, and often scurry down towards the foot of the bed.

Nothing beats rescuing a shelter dog – giving man’s best friend a second chance is incredibly rewarding! Find out more about Ay Chihuahua Adoption Weekend at

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