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DOGust First – Universal Birthdays for Shelter Dogs

Jul 29, 2015 | For Your Pet, Holidays

With the hundreds of thousands of dogs that currently reside in shelters across the world, it is a celebration when each one gets adopted and finds their forever family.  However, these forever families often want to celebrate their new pup’s birthday, but it is unknown.  Typically, the adopting family will pick a random date to celebrate the pup’s special day, or maybe select one that has special meaning to the family.  However, in 2008, DOGust First (August 1st) was created to celebrate these pups birthdays; it is known as the universal birthday for shelter dogs.

AZPV - Dog Birthday

Some things you can do to make this a special day for your rescued pup is:

  • Make your dog a special treat…possibly a dog-friendly cupcake or popsicle.
  • Take them to the local dog park.
  • Buy them a new toy.
  • Give them extra snuggles.
  • Make them a special dog-friendly home-cooked dinner
  • Take them on an extra-long walk


So strap on your birthday hats, warm up your signing voices, and celebrate those sweet pups that are now part of your family.  Everyone deserves their day to be celebrated, so thank goodness for DOGust First!




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