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Earth day is this Sunday. Spend it being green with your pets.

Apr 20, 2012 | Arizona Pet Health

Can you believe its almost earth day again? Have you made plans to do something on earth day this year? Why not bring your pet along?Include your pets in your earth day celebration

    Here are 5 simple things to do on earth day with your pet.

  1. Don’t Drive – Walk Your Dog (or ferret if he walks on a leash)
  2. Create a kitty bunkbed out of recycled (upcycled) cardboard box
  3. Attend a Pet Friendly Earth Day Event
  4. Organize a Neighborhood or Dog Park Clean Up
  5. Take a nature hike on a animal friendly trail
  6. (bonus idea) If you dont have a pet, or want to add a new member to your pet family, you can visit your local animal shelter and make a new friend

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