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End of Summer Travel

Aug 14, 2012 | Arizona Pet Health

The summer travel season is almost over and that may mean packing up not only the family, but the family pet for one last trip before it’s gone. Here are a few tips for traveling with your pet to keep the stress level low for you and your pet.

If traveling by car, make sure to get the proper equipment. Pets are the most the safe and comfortable in well-ventilated crates. Make sure your pet has space to stand and turn around as necessary. You should also get your pet used to their crate in your home before putting them in the car. If you pet has never traveled by car before, get them used to the feel of a road trip by taking shorter car trips around the neighborhood. When the long trip comes, they will be better prepared for what to expect. Check your hotel’s pet policy ahead of time so you are not in a bind when you arrive. There are many web sites geared toward finding pet-friendly hotels.

In some cases air travel may be the only option to get your pet to their destination. The ASPCA recommends only flying with pets that are small enough to travel in-cabin with you and be stowed under your seat. Check with your airline to find out their specific policies about pet air travel.  Did you know there are companies that specialize specifically in the air travel of pets? If your pet is going to flying, check out a pet airline where you pet flies in-cabin in the safety of crate, complete with a pet flight attendant!

Happy Travels!

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