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Featured Breed: Bedlington Terrier

Nov 16, 2015 | Pet Features

We are so excited about this month’s featured dog breed! These little pup’s interesting lamb-like looks had us falling in love at first sight. The Bedlington Terrier typically has a very entertaining way about them which makes them perfect for showing in the ring and loving in your home, but their origins still make an appearance from time to time. Bedlington Terriers were originally hunting dogs that were used to help poachers with small outdoor animals. However, like mentioned before, they are now a great choice in family dog – great as a watchdog and fun to be around.


This breed has a moderate energy level by nature and needs to be exercised frequently. They love to go on walks, hikes, play fetch, and then relax with their people afterwards. Speaking of family, Bedlington’s can do well with small children and other dogs, but it is best if they all grow up together rather than introducing a new dog later. They are terriers by nature and will fight if provoked, but with small children they will do their best to tolerate the rough-housing. They will be stubborn when training, so it is best to use positive reinforcement rather than harsh punishment.

Males and females of this breed are about the same size, standing 15-16 inches in height and weighing 17-23 pounds. Bedlington Terriers are healthy in general, but some common health problems have been detected in this breed, such as hip dysplacia, elbow dysplacia, copper toxicosis, paterllar luxation, retinal dysplacia, and renal cortical hypoplasia. If you are going to be welcoming one of these breeds into your home, be sure you are buying from a reputable breeder who can show health documentation from the parents.

Caring for this breed is quite easy, but you must have some time to spend with them. They enjoy activity, so a fenced yard would be great for them. However, they are not accustomed to living outdoors and need to be able to come inside after playtime is over. They would do okay in an apartment setting, but you would need to ensure there is an area they can run and exercise close by. There are not any special diets that need to be taken into consideration – dry food twice a day will be just fine for this breed. Grooming procedures are standard, as well – brush your pup once a week, trim nails once or twice a month, and brush their teeth a few times a week.

So, as we mentioned earlier, the Bedlington Terrier can be a wonderful breed to welcome into your family. Consider making this breed your only dog, or welcoming it the same time you are welcoming another so that they can grow up together. Often times, people do not realize the attention that is needed by this breed, so it is suggested that you check rescues before going to a breeder. Stay tuned for next month’s featured breed!





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