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Featured Breed: Dachshund

May 26, 2015 | Pet Features


We’ve all seen the beloved Dachshund, commonly known by their nickname, the “weiner dog” strolling in your neighborhood or at the park.  Originating in Germany these pups were used to hunt badgers, foxes, and rabbits. They are among the most popular breeds and have been since the 1950’s.

Although they were originally used for hunting, Dachshunds have become loved family pets.  Dachshunds have sweet temperaments and get along well with the whole family, but will typically form a special bond with one person.  They are also known to be very stubborn, yet brave, and with that bravery comes quite the bark!  Their bark is very deep for their size and very frequent.

Most of us are somewhat familiar with the way a Dachshund looks, but there are actually three different varieties: longhaired, shorthaired, and wirehaired, and can be miniature or standard – ranging in size from 32 pounds down below 11 pounds. Depending on which variety your pup is, you will have to care for their coats differently.  Some only require routine baths, while others need much more attention, like their coats be stripped, brushed, and blow-dried.  One interesting fact about the Dachshund is that personality can depend on which variety of pup you have.  They can range in color from black and tan to tan with cream-colored markings. But regardless of which variety you choose, you will see those large, droopy ears!

While these dogs are cute and lovable, it is unfortunate that people do not always welcome these pups into their homes for the right reasons.  A lot of greyhound tracks draw in a lot of money for “wiener dog” races.  These races can often injure the pups’ backs because of their build and the physical activity these races require. It is often found that people are purchasing these pups to make money, more than to love as family pets. Breeders are aware of this, so be sure you are purchasing from reputable breeder so as to make sure these pups are not being mass bred for racing.

Dachshunds are just another one of our beloved featured breeds!  Stay tuned for monthly Featured Breeds.


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