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Five Great Ways to Help on National Homeless Pet Day

Aug 19, 2016 | Arizona Pet Health, Holidays, New Pet, Pet Features

It’s National Homeless Pet Day – so let’s take a moment to review some ways we can all make a difference.

1/ Adopt a homeless animal: Skip the breeder or pet store – visit your local shelter or rescue group and adopt your next best friend!

2/ Always spay or neuter your pets. Nearly 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the United States, and many will never find homes or go on to be euthanized. Spaying and neutering can help reduce the number of homeless animals.

3/ Volunteer at a local rescue or shelter: Without volunteers, many shelters and rescues would have to shut down. Volunteer to walk or play with shelter dogs and cats, help clean cages, refill water bowls – every little bit helps!

4/ Make a donation to your local rescue or shelter: Food, toys, treats, blankets, beds, grooming tools, collars, leashes and other items are always in short supply – so why not make it a neighborhood project?

5/ Get kids involved! Everyone loves a good lemonade stand or bake sale – and most kids are passionate about helping make the world a better place. Set up in front of your home or business (be sure to get permission first) and let everyone know that their purchase will go towards saving homeless animals. Don’t forget to put out a donation can – many people will skip the treats and donate anyway.

Ready to get started? Here’s a list of shelters and rescue groups around Phoenix:

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