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5 Unique Activities To Do With Your Pet This Spring

Mar 21, 2022 | Dog

Dog Ready For A Walk Carrying Leash In Mouth At Nice Spring Morn

Fun Activities for Dogs & Dog People

Pets need some excitement in their lives, and springtime offers lots of opportunities to get outside and try something new. Enrichment activities for dogs help prevent boredom, and can help keep pets happier and healthier. While enrichment toys are a wonderful choice for keeping pets mentally alert and active at home, getting outside for activities and a change of scenery are great for mental stimulation and bonding with your dog. We’ve picked five of our favorite fun activities for dogs around town, along with some additional resources for pet-friendly hotels in Arizona.

  1. Take your dog out to brunch. Brunch with friends can be a lot of fun, and right now all the pups want to go to the Barking Bodega café. Located at Tempe’s Singh Meadows, the Barking Bodega is a farm-to-table cafe serving delicious coffee, espresso, and healthy eats, plus beer, wine, and cocktails. The pet-friendly cafe offers some special dishes just for dogs. Oh, and there’s 75,000 square feet of dog park for them to explore, with lots of new friends to meet and play with! Can’t make brunch? Go for dinner.
  2. Master a dog agility training course. Dogs are smart, and agility training offers plenty of mental stimulation along with great cardiovascular and physical exercise for you and your dog. According to the AKC, agility courses typically have between 14-20 obstacles, which can include tunnels, weave poles, tire jumps, seesaws, and pause tables where the dog must stop for a set amount of time. There are a few different dog parks with agility courses, and plenty of businesses with training classes, too.
  3. Take a stroll along the Arizona canal trail. The banks of the Arizona Canal stretch and wind for nearly 39 miles—from east of Scottsdale through Phoenix and into Peoria, and there are some wonderful spots for you and your dog to enjoy along the way. For instance, in one half-mile stretch of the Arizona canal trail through downtown Scottsdale you can find art, pedestrian bridges, landscaped walkways, and easy access to canal-side shops and restaurants.
  4. Go on a staycation. There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels in Arizona and you don’t have to go far to find one! The Greater Phoenix area has a large number of resorts, hotels, and other pet-friendly destinations for a refreshing change of scenery without the need to leave town. Whether the goal is relaxing together and soaking up some sun, or hanging out at one of the pet-friendly restaurants or exploring the surroundings, you’re sure to have a ball.
  5. Explore a local Farmer’s Market. Is your dog well-mannered and used to being around people? If so, leash up and head out to explore one of the local farmer’s markets. There’s an abundance of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, treats and locally made products from local entrepreneurs, so there are all sorts of wonderful sights, sounds and smells to keep your dog entertained. Be sure to check out some of the locals specializing in treats, and don’t forget the doggy bags!

These suggestions are just scratching the surface of places you and your dog can explore together this spring. For a more extensive list of hotels, restaurants, and activities, check out Bring Fido. Before you head to any dog-friendly destination, remember to make sure your dog is up to date with vaccinations.

Disclaimer: Not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. If you think your pet has a medical emergency, call or visit your veterinarian or your local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.