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Get Ready for National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Jan 6, 2021 | Holidays

national dress up your pet day

Celebrating National Dress Your Pet Day

It’s that time! Thursday, January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, and yes, there is a day for that! So get out those silly sweaters and cool costumes and get ready to dress your pet to impress!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day was introduced in 2009 by celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Paige. It’s meant to celebrate the wondrous gift of pets and helps to support the pet fashion community–yes, that’s a thing too!

If you’re having trouble picking out the perfect ensemble, check out these suggestions we shared during the last dress up your pet day. Just remember, dressing up your pet is fun but has the potential to be dangerous if you’re not careful. PetFirst shared these outfit and costume safety tips and strategies to help guide you through the holiday:

  • Be aware of choking hazards – Play it safe. Detach any loose pieces, check for buttons, decorative flowers, and any other small parts that could easily come off and be swallowed. Please don’t leave your pet unattended while they’re dressed up. 
  • Consider your pet’s age – Avoid dressing up very young or elderly pets. Puppies and kittens are more likely to chew on the costumes. Older animals may be suffering from joint stiffness or other health issues, making it a challenge to get them in and out of clothing. 
  • Be flexible – What you envision may turn out to be completely different from what your pet allows. Please don’t force your pet into anything, or they will be miserable. Be willing to shift some things around, removing pieces your pet finds uncomfortable. 
  • Conduct a trial run – If you’re looking to show off your pet on your morning walk or zoom call, test it out in advance. A trial run gives you a chance to determine how your pet feels about their new attire and allows you some time to tweak as necessary. Remember to reward with treats to make the clothing experience more positive. 

Alternatives to Clothes

Maybe your pet’s not a fan of clothes. That’s okay! It doesn’t mean you’re out of luck on celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Instead, add some fun fashion flair or cute accents to your pet’s wardrobe:

  • Bandanas
  • Bow Ties
  • Fancy Harness
  • Decorative Collar
  • Collar Accessories
  • Other Accessories

We want you to go ALL out and want to see all of the different ways you choose to celebrate the day. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Have a friend or family member take photos of you and your pet in their fun outfit – yes, a pet photoshoot!
  2. Use #DressUpYourPetDay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Celebrate by dressing up your pet in comfortable pet clothing – maybe even pick out matching outfits if you’re feeling wild – and share it for the world to see! If pets have taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks… so matching outfits are not only welcomed but encouraged! Silly as some of these holidays may seem, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with your pet (as if we need a reason!). 

Disclaimer: Not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. If you think your pet has a medical emergency, call or visit your veterinarian or your local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.