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In Celebration of Black Cats (11/17 – National Black Cat Day)

Nov 17, 2016 | Cat, Holidays, Pet Features

black cat
Do you love black cats or are you superstitious? Do black cats make you nervous or scared? In honor of National Black Cat Day, let’s take at a few pros and cons of black cats and how they balance out.

PRO: Mysterious history full of exotic tales about witches and spells.
CON: Mysterious history full of exotic tales about witches and spells.

PRO: Beautifully silky black fur.
CON: That sticks to your light colored clothing (and everything else).

PRO: Gorgeous bright gold or green eyes.
CON: That scare the pants off of you when they’re all you can see in a dark room.

PRO: In many cultures, a black cat crossing your path is good luck.
CON: Until you trip over them in the dark.

PRO: Black is always in style.
CON: Unless orange really is the new black.

VERDICT: No matter what color the cat, it will make a wonderful paperweight, as it lounges comfortably on that stack of papers you were so desperately trying to organize.

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