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Make your holiday celebration safe for your pets.

Dec 25, 2012 | Arizona Pet Health

giftSimple ways to make things safer for your pets when you celebrate the holidays.

  1. Place the decorations up high. Having low hanging decorations on your tree are like an invitation for some pets to come play in the tree.
  2. If your pets are a little shy make sure when you have holiday guests over the pets have their own safe space to get away from the festivities. The extra noise can be way to much for some animals.
  3. If you have a holiday party make sure your guests know to not share the “people” treats with the pets. Set out a small bowl of pet treats for guests that just can’t help but share the holiday spirit with your four legged guests.
  4. Keep poisonous plants where pets cant try and snack on them. Plants like ivy or poinsettias are extremely poisonous to pets.
  5. When all the clean up is done and the trash put out make sure the lids are on tight. Nothing can ruin the end of the holiday like outside pets rummaging through the trash spreading it all over.

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