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Pet Halloween Costumes: Celebrate Safely With These Tips

Oct 15, 2022 | For Your Pet, Holidays, Pet Safety


Five Tips for Safe Pet Halloween Costumes


Does your four-legged friend love getting all dressed up for Halloween? That’s great! But not all pets feel this way. When it comes to pet Halloween costumes, ultimately, we don’t recommend them. They can hinder your pets’ Halloween safety by constricting their neck, paws, legs, or torso, which can cause them panic or lead to potential injury. Dangling objects on the pet Halloween costume, such as ornaments, fabric, string, bows, and bells, can get under their feet, trip them, or be chewed off and ingested. And, in some cases, wearing clothing just stresses the poor pooch or pussycat out, so we advise against it for these reasons.


However, we understand that some pets love wearing clothes! Perhaps that’s because the costume feels like a warm hug, snug against their body, or simply because they’re easy-going, and as long as the clothing item does not interfere with their ability to play, eat, or breathe, they’re content! For those who can tolerate pet Halloween costumes, we’ve shared some simple tips and suggestions for Halloween pet safety and finding the right outfit for your dog or cat.

  1. Make sure the pet Halloween costume is made of non-toxic materials, and there are no small, sharp, or dangling accessories that can be swallowed or tripped on.
  2. Avoid costumes with shoes or masks. 
  3. Get your pet used to the costume before Halloween by allowing them to sniff it first and offering treats and pets during the try-on period to associate it with something positive.
  4. Keep an eye out for body language! If your pet freezes or appears uncomfortable, be mindful of and cater to this. Sometimes coaxing with a toy will snap them out of it and let them know they can move in the outfit but if discomfort continues, ditch the costume.
  5. Do not put your pet in a costume that limits their movement. Your pet should be able to bark, meow, walk, see, hear, play, eat and breathe clearly and comfortably.


Don’t force it! For pets that are miserable in costumes, consider alternatives like themed bandanas, collars, and bow ties. You can even decorate their carrier or a stroller so they can trick or treat in style! 



Halloween Safety Tips for Pets


For those including their pets in this year’s Halloween festivities, here are some ways to skip the stress and help your pets celebrate safely!

  • Keep candy, especially sugar-free sweets containing xylitol, away from pets
  • Don’t leave pets out in the yard on Halloween night
  • Keep pets confined/away from the door
  • Keep glow sticks away from pets
  • Keep festive plants like corn or pumpkins out of pets’ reach
  • Keep electric or battery-powered decorations away from pets
  • Avoid wearing costumes that are frightening and could cause your pet to run off 
  • Ensure your pet’s chip is registered, and ID information is up to date!
  • Keep black cats confined and indoors on Halloween night


We couldn’t agree more; there’s nothing cuter than seeing our wiener dogs in their schnitzel costumes and black cats in their witches’ hats, but what we may find adorable may be uncomfortable or even harmful. By following these pet Halloween costume guidelines and considering these few Halloween pet safety tips, you and your furry friends are sure to have the best Howl-o-ween together yet!

Disclaimer: Not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. If you think your pet has a medical emergency, call or visit your veterinarian or your local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.