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Sleep Through the Night

Jan 15, 2013 | Cat

Getting woken up at 2am is never good, but when it happens night after night by your beloved cat it’s even worse. Just like people, cats can have trouble sleeping but sometimes there are other things going on. Here are a few things you might look for if your cat is waking you up.


  1. Being Sick Illness is a common reason cats are up at strange times. It could be something minor like a toothache or maybe arthritis. If your cat is displaying any signs of pain when they wake you up, a simple call to the vet in the morning might be a good idea.
  2. Weather Some animals, not only cats, can get very spooked during storms. Using a soothing voice and petting your pet might help calm them until the storm passes.
  3. Nothing better to do As funny as it might sound, your cat may just be bored. Cats, or more often kittens, can get bored and decide that waking you up is the best way to cure their boredom. You might try playing a little extra before going to sleep to help get them as tired as you are.
  4. Same old thing It might be out of habit that your cats up and awake. If you have a change of schedules your pet might not adjust as fast as you do. It might just take a little time for them to adjust.
  5. We want treats NOW!!! Going from bed straight to filling the food bowl trains your cat that if they are hungry then getting you out of bed is the solution. You might try a high protein snack before bed or have a self filling dish to help them make it through.

Just a few things to help you guys make it through the night. Waking up tired doesn’t make anyone’s day any better.

Disclaimer: Not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. If you think your pet has a medical emergency, call or visit your veterinarian or your local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.