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The Trouble With Barking

Oct 7, 2016 | All About Animals

Dogs are wonderful creatures, full of love, joy and unlimited potential for cuteness and destruction. While they may occasionally chew things from shoes and toilet rolls all the way up to full couches, sometimes it’s their vocal tendencies that rattle us most. Like barking.

blog-1It’s just what dogs do, you might say. True, but some dogs tend to bark more than others. Why?Oh, so many reasons. The barometer is falling. They heard a pin drop in the next county. The cat looked at them wrong. They’re sassy teenagers who will (hopefully) eventually grow out of it. Or like incessant talkers, they just like the sound of their own voice and have to comment on everything. All the time. So what’s a poor pup parent to do?

Obviously, there are times when barking is helpful, and other times when barking will take you and anyone within earshot to the brink of insanity at warp speed. When it’s in response to a knock on the door, that’s awesome and helpful. Your dog is saying, “Hey person who feeds and pets me, someone is here and we could be in danger but don’t worry, I’m on the job!”

It’s when they fail to quiet down despite your best efforts, bark for no reason at all or every possible reason (usually for extended periods of time) that you decide that your dog may be suffering from anxiety, is seeing a ghost, or is simply being a jerk. Often, your dog is barking away because of the rich reward. Your attention.

Good training can make all the difference and help restore peace in your world. It can also make your neighbors much happier. Do it for the greater good.

The American Humane Society has some great tips to curb excessive barking:

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