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Volunteering with MCACC at Care on the Go Event

Apr 27, 2023 | Giving Back

Img 0541Being part of the animal care community allows AZPetVet to partner with some amazing organizations in the valley, and this spring we were able to team up with a few of them for an incredible event! AZPetVet worked alongside Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) and LovePup as we sent volunteers to the ‘Care on the Go’ microchip and vaccination event. Over the weekend, we assisted in providing services to nearly 1,000 pets by administering a combined 3,200 services including vaccines, microchips, and licenses!

In an effort to serve some of our communities with the most need, the event was free for those who were able to make it out – and boy did they! The lines stretched for hours as our volunteers worked to ensure the health and safety of the pets in our underserved communities. We worked as quickly as we could to see as many patients as possible, including some large carloads holding up to 13 pets! We had a blast getting to serve others and meet those in our community who were working hard to help ensure the health and safety of their beloved pets.

Img 0525This event also would not have been possible without PetCo Love & Community Paws’ support, as well as LovePup & Petstablished who provided the microchips. It was our honor to volunteer and donate our time and professional skills to this wonderful event, and we look forward to more opportunities in the future!

Total event numbers:

  • Animals served: 977
  • Services provided: 3,217
  • Rabies vaccines provided: 835
  • Microchips provided: 548
  • Combo vaccines provided: 823
  • Img 0582

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