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World Veterinary Day

Apr 26, 2013 | Arizona Pet Health

doc and dogThe last Saturday of April marks the thirteenth annual World Veterinary Day, an annual event focused on the importance of the veterinary profession and animal health. This year’s theme, ‘vaccinate to prevent and protect” focuses on the importance of animal vaccination, and commemorates the remarkable achievement of vaccines.

“The impact that vaccines have had on world animal and human health has been immense. Diseases have been greatly reduced and countless lives saved,” shares Peter Jones, President of the British Veterinary Association.

World Veterinary Day is a great time to look over your pet’s health records and ensure that their vaccinations are up to date. Vaccination schedules and guidelines vary depending on your pet’s age, health, breed, and potential risk factors, so work closely with your vet to determine the best regime for your pet. As an integral step to preventing illness and increasing longevity, it’s important that you follow your vet’s recommendations closely.

Vaccines provide “veterinarians with the tools to substantially improve the health and welfare of animals and to contribute to human wellbeing. Vaccination has been one of the most important interventions in disease prevention that has ever been developed. ”concludes Peter Jones. Join us in celebrating World Vet Day and by ensuring your loved ones are protected through vaccination.

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